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Musikgarten Enjoying the Piano /Tenor Steelpan

Class length: 45 mins, each week

Duration: 8 weeks

Description: Do you love music and just want to engage in some music making fun? Between work and studies, life can have its ups and downs. Maybe playing the piano/keyboard has been a life-long dream or you started when you were younger but never got to continue. Great news! Musikgarten has a curriculum designed just for you and you're not required to have any previous music experience.

Benefits: Recent scientific studies have established the connection between active music-making and improved physical wellness. This class is a unique opportunity for social interaction across age groups, providing much needed creative fitness for the mind and body. 

Approach: The aural approach to music literacy in this group class provides a natural pathway to true music literacy. Following a sequential programme which builds a solid foundation in technique, the ability to play by ear, reading music, ensemble playing and music appreciation, this stress-free method offers many benefits to the class beyond the magic of making music with others. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Pre-requisite: Eagerness to learn and have fun!

Required: Access to a Keyboard/Piano/Tenor Steelpan at home or otherwise along with a CD player/mobile device kept near the piano/keyboard for daily practice. Talk to us for recommendations before you purchase an instrument.

This class is a pre-requiste for entry into our Instrumental Lessons

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