Alabanza Music Musikarten's Preschool: Musikarias 3-5yrs (GROUPS ONLY) - 10 weeks

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Product Overview

Musikgarten® Music Keys Preschool Programme

For Preschool Administrators:

This Musikgarten® curriculum has been specifically researched and designed for use in the school classroom. Music Keys reaches children in preschools, daycares, and kindergarten. With the growing number of working mothers, children spend more hours in a school setting than ever before especially for families who may not the option of committing to activities after school hours.

Music Keys is a curriculum that enables you to provide the next best thing – a high quality music education program written specifically for the school setting. The lessons have been written taking class size and the adult/child ratio of a school class into account.

Target age group: Preschoolers 3-5yrs

 Programme Overview:

  • Music Keys gives children in preschool a research-based, high quality music class as an enrichment program.

  • The lessons have been written taking class size and the adult/child ratio of a preschool class into account. 

  • Superb recordings, equal to the quality of all Musikgarten programmes, have been developed for use in the classroom and at home.

  • Licensed preschools using Music Keys receive email communications to help educate parents about the value of music and movement in the development of young children.

Class length: 45 mins, once a week with children and class teacher

Duration: Year-long programme divided into 2 Semesters


  • Term 1 - 10 weeks

  • Term 2 - 10 weeks

  • Term 3 - 10 weels


Fees: Price quoted above is per session per 10-week Term for one session on a weekly basis for school visit.

Discounts are available! 

  • Schools coming to our Curepe/San Fernando location for class: Discount of up to $50 per child/term
  • Schools offering two (2) back-to-back music classes on same day: Discount of up to $100 per group/term

Description: Celebrate your preschooler’s growing independence and love of the outdoors with activities involving nature. This class nurtures your growing child’s ability to use language and participate in dramatic play within a musical context.

Activities:  The Music and movement activities done in this programme serve to build the sensory-motor foundation for learning, respecting the preschool child's growing independence and developing competencies. Reinforcing the theme of nature, parallel to our Cycle of Nature's Seasons class, we delight in songs, numerous movement activities, exciting exploration of instruments and stories for the children to act out and embellish.

Musical & Developmental Goals: Our goal is to bring children together with the teachers into the music, movement and environmental experience which will support development and educational growth in the classroom while providing a culturally enriching musical experience. - skills that impact all areas of academic learning.

Materials: Families will receive 2 quality children's CDs with recordings by a fine children’s choir and outstanding instrumentalists which we will use each Semester. Listening to the CD will help increase family involvement in the learning process and foster the love and appreciation of nature. 

The teacher will provide instruments for use in class and animal picture listening cards.