Alabanza Music Tocando Piano 1 & Mundo (5½ yrs +) Class

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Musikgarten Music Makers: Around the World 

Class length: 1 hour, once each week for 15 weeks. 

Description: This Music Makers around the World class is Part 2 of our one-year Pre-Piano sequential program designed to give your child a solid music-making foundation for the three-year Music Makers At the Piano curriculum.  

Imagine your child being able to figure out what the notes on a sheet of music sound like without even touching an instrument, or listening to a song and identifying the musical patterns to be able to write them. Now that's true music literacy- the ability to see what you hear and hear what you see! This class is designed to help your child establish a solid music foundation – singing, ear training, playing instruments, ensemble work and creative movement activities. 

Musical Activities & Goals: We engage your child's fascination with all things new and different as a part of developing music literacy and experiencing the joy of making music together. We continue our musical explorations with an exciting cultural study of Amerindian heritage and beloved folk songs of Parang, experiencing native songs, instruments, dances, stories, and customs while building keyboard skills and understanding musical notation.

Instruments Used: Drums, Barred Instruments, Piano-Keyboard. Children will be able to translate their newly acquired skills onto the tenor steelpan and keyboard. 

Preparing for next Semester: At the end of the Semester, children and parents  are encouraged to join us for our Intro to Music Makers At the Keyboard class Class, where they will be introduced to the group, aural method used in Music Makers At the Keyboard.

Materials: Folder(s) containing songs, activities, parent guide, and CD/Digital Download High Quality Music recordings (Folder should be brought to class each week


Musikgarten Music Makers: At the Piano 1  

Description: This specialised Year-long group Piano class is an extension of the work done in Music Makers Around the World and follows a very sequential approach to building keyboard skills and understanding musical notation. This programme is designed to teach the children to play the songs they've been hearing, singing and dancing to throughout the years of early-childhood; it is the final step on the pathway to music literacy. 

Musical Goals:  Lessons at the keyboard in small groups allow the children to experience the delight in making music with others, while at the same time encouraging the development of rhythmic competency, listening skills, singing, and music-reading.  

Learning Outcomes: Throughout the year, the children will become comfortable with D, C and G major 5 finger positions as well as d, c and e minor.  They will be introduced to the I and V7 (also i and v7) chords to accompany their songs. Transposing their repertoire to all know positions is encouraged as each new position is introduced. In addition to the wide ranging Classical and Folk repertoire, they'll also learn songs in our own musical culture including Parang, Calypso, Chutney and Soca.

Activities & Instruments: In addition to playing the keyboards, the children will be involved in drumming and dancing to nurture their rhythmic development, singing to nurture their tonal development, and echoing patterns to nurture their aural development as well as composing and musical dictation activities to lead the child to music literacy.

Parents Note: The ideal age to begin is between ages 6 and 8 years.  Starting too early often causes frustration, especially if a child's fine motor skills are not well developed.  A child who begins at age 7 will usually progress faster than one who is made to start at age 5. 

Outcome: Children who complete Music Makers: At the Keyboard not only possess a strong desire to make music, they have the aural and keyboard skills that will enable them to do so.  It prepares children for future keyboard study, as well as whatever musical adventures the future holds.

Pre-requisite: Musikgarten Music Makers At Home/Around the World if younger than 7yrs old.

Materials: Children will receive Keyboard book for playing pieces, aural training, composing and theory as well as notation/reading games, practice and listening CDs and digital download codes, a card file, and a parent handbook.

+MMK1 Materials: $480

Required: A Keyboard/Piano at home along with a CD player/mobile device kept near the piano/keyboard for ease of access for daily practice. Talk to us for recommendations before you purchase.

Class size is limited and will close when limit is reached.  Further names will be placed on a waiting list.

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