Adult Music Class

Music Lessons with a Difference!

Do you want to have the freedom to express the music you like? We are here to help you not only develop the ability to play with expression and accuracy on your own but also learn how to include yourself in the dynamics of a live band setting.

You'll engage your most important skill- listening - in ways that are vital for a musician to be versatile so that you can read sheet music as well as play by ear.  

What to expect in our Music Lessons?

  • Sound before sight!  Classes are dedicated to getting to know the instrument with heavy focus on ear training.

  • Singing helps to develop sound awareness, a sense of pitch and identifying the notes more easily by ear.

  • Aural training with Echo Rhythm and Tonal patterns helps develop understanding of rhythm and pitch accuracy. 

  • Mobile technology Students play alongside audio accompaniment in class and at home with their mobile devices which helps develop listening skills and hand-ear-eye coordination.

  • E-learning access with supplementary activities including music games, practice and theory videos and ear training exercises.

 How do we include Spanish?​

  • We offer Conversational Spanish: A Real-Life Approach to building Oral Proficiency through comprehensible input with focus on developing a solid foundation in aural skills. 

  • Oral practice is often related to everyday surroundings and experiences. You are asked to talk about your family, home, studies, likes, dislikes, interests, vacations  or plans for the future.


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