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Come join us with your family to participate in or "Preview" a Musikgarten Class in our Parrandero Semester!


How to book my Preview Class?
  1. Check Schedule and Class descriptions for the class that fits your child's age.
  2. Call/WhatsApp to verify there is a class that day/time in case we may be on a break, the class full or have rescheduled.
  3. Confirm the date and time you would like to try your class.
  4. Click & Complete the Preview Class order application below, add to cart and checkout. 


  • Welcome! Any new family is welcome to attend one "Preview Class" during the Semester, for the purpose of trying out the programme. Valid only on designated days for Musikgarten Classes. Subject to availability. 
  • Preview Class Fee: A Family Music Preview session during the Semester is $100. Music Maker Previews are $150. Encourage a friend to attend* you pay only $50. *Friends (parent/caregiver) to attend must fill out the Preview class booking order before the Preview class and confirm availability. 
  • FREE Preview Classes are usually advertised during the Early Registration months and at the beginning of the Semester. Book online during the promotion and it's free! The regular Preview fee applies for bookings made over the phone or via WhatsApp.
  • How to sign up? Complete the Preview class booking below and send it to us no later than the day prior to the selected class. Call to confirm with us the date and class you would like to preview. Missed your previously booked Preview Class? Don't worry, Call to reschedule within the same Semester.  
Accepted Payment Methods for Preview: 
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash 

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What to expect on your first visit? 

At Alabanza Music, we pride ourselves on providing a calm, nurturing environment, free from mobile distractions in an otherwise hectic world. Songs are folk and classical based from our country and all around the world. 

Most of our music making is a cappella singing (voices without audio music in the background) so that parents/caretakers are encouraged to be a musical companion to the young child.​

Arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of classes. Adults and children should dress comfortably and be ready to participate as fully as possible with their child. 

We remove shoes and socks prior to entering the classroom.


  • Adults are expected to participate as much as possible. We are up and down from the floor quite a bit. The songs and movements are not difficult. You are encouraged to sing and perform movements as modelled by the teacher.

  • Children are not forced to sing and/or do any movements since they are allowed to explore the classroom and get comfortable. Sometimes your child may just watch in wonder. Do not be concerned if your child has trouble sitting or participating fully for every activity. This is normal. The more classes the child takes, the more actively he/she will begin to participate. 


Classes are child-centred, process oriented and not performance based so we absolutely avoid assessment terms like "very good, excellent etc." Please refrain from laughing or harsh rebuke at the children's actions.

When it's time to "be my echo"  or take a turn on an instrument, we will always respond "Thank you" no matter what your child does or doesn't do, in order to show appreciation. We encourage you to do the same even with hugs and kisses of affirmation. 


What to expect after your first visit?

We hope that you enjoy your first visit and decide to register your child for classes. Payment of tuition and required materials is expected upon registration.

Keep in mind that you are welcome to visit once per Semester.  Should you decide to enrol, the first class visit will be rolled into the normal tuition.​ We'll simply update your existing order with your new class.

We look forward to you joining us on this bilingual musical journey to true music literacy!

Need more assistance? Call  / WhatsApp Message 709-9588 


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